Want to try speaking at a tech conference?

Are you intimidated by the process and getting on stage? Don't know where to start? Unsure if you have something valuable to say?

I'm here to help

Speaking at tech conferences is a great way to gain career confidence, meet your peers, travel the world, get recognition for your work, and share your great ideas with the community. But it can be intimidating, especially if you've never navigated this scene before.

It was scary for me too when I first started, but with years of successful conference talks under my belt and my experience working at TED, I've now got a great process for writing killer proposals, putting together a meaningful and memorable talk, and getting over those on-stage public speaking nerves. And I want to share that wisdom with you.

1-1 coaching sessions with a public speaking pro

Let's talk about:

  • finding conferences to submit to
  • writing a great proposal
  • talk preparation
  • feedback on talk rehearsals
  • navigating conference speaking as part of a marginalized group
  • negotiating compensation
  • pep-talks and encouragement
  • what to wear on stage
  • anything public speaking related is fair game!
Brenna O'Brien on stage speaking


Book your 1-1 session by sending me a message.

Tell me what you hope to get out of our time together, and about your background in the tech industry. I can't wait to work together and help you and your voice be heard.


60-minute session - $125
30-minute session - $75

All prices are listed in USD + GST/HST for Canadian clients.
Payment in full due 24hrs prior to your session.

Diversity discounts and scholarships

If you're part of a marginalized group, I especially want your voice to be heard.
But I also know you have to fight just to get a seat at the tech table, and you may be at a financial disadvantage due to your race, gender or other factors. I offer sliding scale pricing for those identifying with a minority group on a case by case basis. Let's talk about it.

Partner with me

Are you a startup, tech company, or just a nice person who wants to help with speaker diversity in the tech industry?

Put your money where your mouth is by sponsoring a diversity scholarship.
You contribution will go directly to funding the cost of my services for a speaker in a marginalized group so that their voice can be heard. Marginalized people need to see themselves in the positions they aspire to. Your contribution will not only help the career of the speaker in question, but inspire others in the same group to get up on stage and share their diverse perspectives.

Sponsor a single session or donate a custom amount.

After making your contribution, be sure to send me a message with your name, website, and a photo so that you or your company can be featured on the site.

For recurring donations, alternate payment options, or any other questions, drop me a line.

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